Latest News

  • Afrioils Update
    The factory has recently undergone some building work and has been rearranged to give management better visibility at the point of purchasing farmer stock. All stock will be pre-cleaned and tested within 24 hours 24 hours of delivery.
    Afri-Oils Limited held an official opening ceremony for its groundnut processing plant on the 13th of March, 2018.The main purpose of the ceremony was to create awareness of the factory’s impact on the elevation of the agriculture industry, networking as well as to acknowledge the assistance it received from the Dutch government.
  • Cycle for Groundnuts
    Exagris Africa recently distributed push bikes to its lead farmers across the country to help them as they provide extension services to their auxiliary farmers. The bikes were procured with funding from the Dutch Government through an Afri-nut project called Going Nuts.
  • Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell Visits Exagris and Afrinut
    “If there are two things that should be remembered in my presentation, one is that Malawi needs to produce and secondly Malawi needs trade – it needs to export,” that was Tim de Borde, CEO for Exagris Africa, a farming giant in Malawi which also co-owns Afrinut, a peanut processing company.