Board of Directors


Tim de Borde
Board Chairman


Tim is the CEO of Exagris Africa Limited and lives in Lilongwe. Originally from the UK, he first lived in Malawi in 1996 and has been a regular visitor until setting up Exagris in 2008. A chartered accountant, Tim worked in corporate finance and private equity based in London for many years.

He is passionate about farming development in Malawi and the Afri business sector in general. He is on the boards of Exagris Africa, Valid Nutrition as well as the Exagris holding company in the UK and its Russian subsidiary as well.
He is married to Nicola, a medical doctor and they have 4 children. He enjoys sailing and music. He is an accomplished musician and specialised as a brass player. These days, he is more often found behind a piano or playing bass guitar.


Betty Chinyamunyamu

Chris Amira

Victoria Crisp

Alex Chikapula