Leading The Malawi Groundnut Industry by Example

Afri-Nut is a specialised groundnut processing and distribution marketing business. In a sector that has suffered massive decline in exports and inadequate investment, this initiative creates a viable business thanks to the blend of commercial and development investors that have come together, bringing experience in the sector, expertise and new finance, plus access to expanding markets. The intention to move beyond production of raw groundnuts into a range of value-added products with higher profit margins marks an attempt to significantly shift groundnut exports up the value chain.In this venture, processing company AfriNut aims to move Malawian smallholders up the value chain, while expanding the volume of fair trade and other value-added peanuts produced for international and domestic markets.  Groundnuts are a key staple crop amongst smallholders in Malawi, providing a vital source of cash income and nutrition for rural households.

Providing Innovation and Value Addition

Afrinut is a successful public private partnership with NASFAM, AgDevCo, ExAgris Ltd, Twin Trading, Cordaid, Humana and Waterloo Foundation.